Where oh where, are you tonight.
These thoughts race though my head.
Are you too, thinking of me.
As I lay quietly in my bed.

I try to find, that restful sleep.
But, my mind is too alert
My Heart is reaching out to yours.
To help to ease the pain and the hurt.

The hurt is from my own heart,
Because, I don't know where you are.
I look out from my bedroom window
Searching for that special star.

For that is the one I wish upon
Every night while your away.
Knowing that the love I send to it
Will then be sent to you,
Each and every day.

This love that I send to you
Is not because I feel alone.
I send it, to give you warmth and comfort
And, to bring you safely home.

For I don't know what is out there
The perils you many encounter in your day
I just feel this deep emptiness inside me,
Because you are so very far away.

I know that just by wishing
I may not bring you near me,
But I feel my love traveling.
To you, where ever you may be.

So now I've said my special prayer,
And, sent my love upon that star.
I'll close my eyes so gently and,
Let my dreams take me to where you are.

For in my dreams we are together.
Distance no longer keeps us far apart.
I know I've sent my love to you,
My darling and, I will always
Keep you safe in my heart.

"Last night I looked up at the stars
And matched each one
With a reason why I love you
I was doing great,
But then I ran out of stars." ©

-==Dreaming Of You==-


• Rositanitani •

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