You Are Loved

You are of the heart which beats
Within us all.
Thus, you have no age
You are of the soul
Which yearns for its companion.
Thus, you have no race,
You are seen for the beauty from
Within ourselves.
Thus, you have no face.
Thus, you are love.

You know only of trust and faith,
Thus, you are good.
You know not of hatred or deceit.
Thus, you are honesty.
You bear not judgment upon others.
Thus, you are forgiveness.
Thus, you are love.

You are the heart and soul of everyone,
You are the life for which we live
You are the desire of passion and tenderness.
You are the charity of which we give.
Yes, you are loved.

You said you knew love
You said you had been there before,
But, have you ever known passion?

Have you ever wanted someone,
So much, that you felt like you were
Going to die if you did not have them?
Until you feel this kind of passion
Then you have never known love.

It is such a feeling that there
Is none other like it.
A feeling of want,
Of need
To the very depths of your soul.

Your body aches for their nearness
It yearns with desire for their touch.
If you can feel this, as I say it,
Then you now know love.
As I knew love when I first met you.

"What greater things is there
For two human souls
Than to feel that they are joined
To strengthen each other
To be at one with each other
In silent unspeakable memories.
All around the world
Every man, and every woman
Need the loving
The humble and the the great.
Even those we think we hate
Need the loving
Everything that could exist
Needs the loving."©

-»¦«- " ..:::Love is a fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand:::.. "-»¦«-

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