When I Dream

When you're not here to share
My days and nights, my life
Is so incomplete. For you are
My heart, my soul the "oneness"
I had known to seek.

Without you I merely exist
From day to day with you,
I know that I will find
All that I have been searching for
My completeness,
My eternal peace of mind.

You are the keeper of my dreams
The one who holds my heart
In your hands, the one I want
To spend my life with
The one with whom
I will always stand.

Stand beside through thick and thin
Through all that life will throw
Our way knowing that this special
Love we share will guide us,
Each and every day.

This journey was started long ago
Before this time and place
The journey of completeness
As two hearts and souls embrace

Forever is what I want with you
For the search is at an end
Our hearts have found each other
As lovers, as soul-mates,
As friends.

Life's Intent

When I think of your love
I smile from within my heart.
When I think of being with you
I wish we would never part.

Your love is my companion
When days are long and cold.
Your love is my destiny
When our lives grow old.

To be your love forever
Is my life's intent.
Your love is my endeavor.
For you are heaven sent.

"Only the heart knows how to find
What is precious."©

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