You are my sun in the morning
My warmth in the cold days of winter
My setting sun with promises of passion
You shower me with affection.

You are as vibrant as the colour of a Rose.
You make me bristle with your touch.
Soft velvety lips to touch with mine,
Skin that's silky to my fingertips
Sensations crush within, I shudder
As the waves careerist emotional excitement.

Exploit the feelings I vow always.
For in that delirious moment I see
That we were meant to find one another
Altruistically giving of each other.
Sensations that only abate in the giving.

Surrender to my desires for the moment.
In that you will find joy and contend ness.
A state of being only felt by the presence
Of a dedication rightly, richly deserved.
A connected state of being as one in love.

"A friend is someone who reaches for
Your hand and ends up touching your heart."©

-==All Of Me==-


• Rositanitani •

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