The gentle touch of two hearts
That reach out across time
To embrace one another
This is your heart, and mine...

How do I explain these feelings
That seem to evolve hour by hour
I would not want to stop them
Even if it were, within my power...

Is it okay for me to tell you
The things that I now feel
Emotions running rampant
The depth so very real...

Something has brought us here
Here, to this point in time
Was it only fate that brought us together
Our lives to lovingly entwine...

Can we make it together
Let our feelings run free and true
Not hiding our emotions
Wanting them to bring me, home to you...

We can only wait now
And let these feelings bloom and grow
Like a flower in a garden
The seed that fate has helped to sow...

I pray that this our garden
Will flourish and grow
Throughout the years
Nurtured by joy and laughter
Watered by memories and even tears...

For no matter what life may bring to us
Together we can see it through
For God and fate brought us together
I hope that it will mow,
Bring me home to you...

"Too often we underestimate
The power of a touch,
A smile, a kind word,
A listening ear,
An honest compliment,
Or the smallest act of caring,
All of which have the potential
To turn a life around." ©

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