Tonight I sit here thinking
Music playing in my ears
As emotions over take me
And I wipe away the tears.

The tears are not in sorrow
Nor do they come from physical pain
It's something so much deeper
Like when clouds release the rain.

They are a special cleansing
Of memories left behind
Of things that have touched my life
And feelings that remind.

Remind me of the things I've felt
As I discover each new day
Of people who came into my life
And who stayed or went away

Emotions that run freely
Love that's from the heart
Feelings so deep and special
Feelings felt right from the start.

I have experienced that pain
Of having to say good-bye
To people that I've loved and lost
Sometimes never truly knowing why.

But this is how my life is
And I couldn't change a day
For this is my life path
Sharing with people
I've met along the way

So I will keep on living it
Until my life is at a end
But I hope that I can always
Call on you, my special friend.

Call on you to hold me
And wipe away the tears
Tell me that you love me
And chase away the fears.

Then I can be strong again
Look at each day with hope anew
For I have someone special
To hold me close
And my darling,
That someone special is YOU.

"While ever human being has a
Capacity for love. It's realization
Is one of the most difficult

-»¦«- " ..:::Listen with your heart you will understand:::.. "-»¦«-

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "...Francis Goya ...True Love ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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