To You My Friend

Christmas is a time
For all to rejoice
No matter what religion
Or what God you follow
The message is the same
Peace on earth
To all mankind,
Joy to the world.

Health and prosperity
To one and all.
This Christmas I wish that
With every song you hear
The words will lift
You to reach out
That they will make you
Touch another's soul
With the same well
Intended meaning as
I mean for you.

That it will lift
There spirits as
I hope I do yours.
I pray that
All the bells you hear
The message is of joy,
That I share with you
A love unselfishly given
To see you smile
Your face light up
With warmth and good cheer.
The harmony in their music
Bring harmony to you.

May our God,
Bring the spirit of the seasons
Into your heart
To be shared
And to be fostered
May He make you feel
The sharing of your love,
Be a divine,
Scared, glorious and we inspiring
May I be contagious
With all around you.

This Christmas I want
That your happiness
Be the source of all
Your aims and goals
Let your giving be
The exhilarating force
That brings forth
And exalted
And noble feeling
For you are worthy
Of receiving love
And happiness.

Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year.

-»¦«- " ..:::Tomas and Rosita, wish all our friends A Merry Christmas:::.. "-»¦«-

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