A Hug

When you give a hug,
You must do it with the heart,
So that the person
That receive it,
Could feel the warmness of your body
And to produce special emotions.

In a hug,
The soul can be given,
Support can be offered,
It is the best way to express,
Your deepest feelings
And to feel safe.

A hug, it can mean so much,
Because in this important gesture,
There are two bodies that interact;
There are two souls
That shares the same sentiment.

Sometimes, words are unnecessary,
So a hug can say
Everything you want to.
When it's a friend with problems,
The hug means:
"I'm here to help you".

When we see somebody,
That we do not see it,
From long time ago,
That hug means:
"I'm glad to see you again"

When somebody has a lost,
That hug means:
"I am with you in your feelings,
You are not alone, I share your pain."

When the hug is to our couple,
It is in the hug,
That the necessary fusion occurs,
Two souls that are interlaced
In order to say "I love you."

When the hug occurs,
In a special occasion, it means:
"I'm here so we can celebrate together,
Because your joy is mine too."

A hug is much more,
That a simple interlace of bodies;
It is much more,
Than crossing arms.

The hug, like the kiss,
Like the caress
It is a quiet language,
That does not need to have more,
Than it's own expression;
It has itself,
All the intense emotions,
That you wish to transmit.

From now on,
Whenever you gives a hug,
Give it with your soul,
Give it with your senses,
And let it flows
With the simplicity of a gesture;
It can make the difference.

Give yourself in each hug!
Thus, you will contribute,
To the happiness of others
And your own too.

"A hug is like a boomerang
You get it back right away.
Never wait until tomorrow
To hug someone you could hug today,
Because when you give one,
You get one right back your way.©"


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