As I sit here watching
Those stars bright in the sky
I wonder if you too are looking up
And also asking why.

Why our hearts have touched this way
When we are so far apart
Are the feelings that we feel tonight
From deep within our heart.

Then I feel the cool dark air
As it sends shivers down my spine
And my heart whispers out to yours
"Please, won't you always be mine."

See, it is those silent whispers
That keeps the dark at bay
And it's with those special whispers
I see the nights merge into day.

For with the opening of the dawn
Come the chorus of the birds
As they welcome in, each new day
With music more beautiful than words.

For this is what I feel within
As loves music fills my heart
It overcomes the pain I feel
Because we are apart.

So I will sit and watch those stars
And send this love of mine to you
Praying for the start of dawn
When all things begin anew.

For with the dawning of the day
The night is put behind
As it's with beauty for the future
The songs of birds remind.

Remind us of the love we have
And love we are given too
For this is what I wish to share
For the rest of my life, with you.

"Last night I looked up at the stars
And matched each one with a reason
Why I love you.
I was doing great,
But then I ran out of stars."©

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