This Special Place

Gathered all around me in the stillness
Of the night. The stars emit their
Wondrous beauty though pale,
Beside the moons golden light...

A peaceful cloak of silence
Surrounds me and keeps me safe
Nothing stirs for a moment
In this time, and in this place...

There is no rustling of the leaves
For the wind is strangely still
There is beauty in the silence
Here on this tiny special hill...

The silence does not scare me
Nor, do I feel I am alone
For I sense your very presence
In the trees, and grass and stone...

For this is where I come to think
To find my peace within my heart
Feel the love that's slowly growing
Regardless of the miles that keep us apart..
It's here in this special place
Dreams and wishes can be born
Slowly being nurtured to reality
As darkness gives way to the dawn...

For each new day is a miracle
Where dreams and wishes do come true
I pray that magic of this special place
Soon brings me, home to you...

"Walk tall as the trees,
Live strong as the mountains,
Be gentle as the spring winds,
Keep the warmth of the summer sun
In your heart, and the great spirit
Will always be with you."©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "...Yanni ...Reflections of Passions ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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