The rain today falls very hard
Like the beating of my heart
It's the feeling I have
When I hear your voice
Though we are so far apart

I feel your presence near to me
Your love holds me so very close
Though I long to reach out
And touch you
Because that is what I need the most

I want your arms around me
Feel your heart close to mine
Taste your gentle kisses
For the rest for our life time

I go to bed at night alone
Though you are by my side
For I hold the love
I have for you
So very deep inside

I am so very proud of you
And all the things you do
For the love that
You have given me
And that love that
I now give to you

So I pray that soon, my love
This separation will come to an end
For then I can truly show to you
How I will be your
Lover and your friend

I want to spend my life with you
Standing by your side
Reaching out and touching you
Having our love as our guide

I know our love will guide us
For it led us to this day
Though time and distance
Were against us
It is still so right to say

Say how much I want you
And how much you fill my heart
Tell you that I have loved you
Right from the very start

For that day changed
This life of mine
And showed me true love too
For that is what I have today
And that true love,
My darling, is you.

"For it was not into my ear
You whispered, but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed,
But my soul." ©

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