The Keeper Of The Stars

In the middle of the night,I woke from
My sleep. Looking at the sky and
Counting the stars, as one of the stars
Got my attention. I felt it was different
Among the others as I looked closely
At the star I remembered your face
As you smiled.

As I fall asleep again, I dream of you
Holding me tightly to you I don’t want
To wake up from this dream, because
The star is holding me near.

I feel the joy of my heart a stronger
Passion, greater than fire. I feel I am
So close to the heavens where angels
Fly and sing with rhyme and as
I wake up from this dream and feel
The tears fall from my eyes.

How lovely my life could be if it was
Only reality. I look back to the sky
To see again, then to find the star
That has awakened my heart.

The one, that reminded me of the woman
I love, the one I desire to be with
Me in my dreams to be with forever
Until the end of time.

But if the stars deny this wish let them
At least keep her alive in me so
I can dream, about her when I sleep
For to be with her just while I dream
Makes this lonely life something to hold on to.

"Being with you is like walking on
A very clear morning, definitely the
Sensation of belonging there."©


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