The Heart Behind Those Eyes

You look away that smile dies
You're so confused I hear your cries.
You try to explain, you try to believe
You know what to do, you try to leave.
Every word you say strangles my heart.
I try not to break not to fall apart.

I just want to grab you and make you see
This Heart you own inside of me.
Just turn around as Happiness dies,
Show me the Heart, behind those eyes.
I want to see, I need to know
The way it looks before you go.

The words you say conflict with the beat
I look through your eyes, so warm and sweet.
You want to stay, so, please don't go.
You're killing me, but I'll try not to show.
I want to sleep inside your soul
You make me complete, you make me whole.

The beautiful rose once proud to bloom
Now shedding it's petals on top of Love's tomb.
I sit in the dark with so many "why's"
Just show me the Heart behind those eyes.
Let me see that dream we shared
Comfort me I'm torn and scared.

I feel your tears it's starting to rain
I lose myself through all the pain.
I'm begging for you just do this for me
Walk up to a mirror so you can see.
Is anything left? Is something alive?
Left there to struggle while you take five?
Look deep inside you know it's there
Under the smile you use to wear.

Listen real close to Love that cries
Listen to the Heart behind those eyes.

"The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes
Without speaking confess the secrets of the heart."©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "...Panky Trinidad ...Behind Those Eyes ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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