The Gift

Each time I think of you
And all you have done for me,
It brings tears to my eyes.
I can not even imagine
What I've ever done
To deserve such love.

I always wanted a great friend
To share each joy and sorrow.
But NEVER did I dream that
I would fine a friend like you!
You exceed all
I thought a friend should be.

You are always there
When I need you the most,
Going out of your way
To show you care
At this moment
I feel so very blessed.
Seeing my heart,
God knew just what I needed.
He sends His love
Each day, through you.

Excuse me, but this
Is all so new to me.
I never knew
Such unselfish friendship.
I never knew someone
Could care so much
About the things
That concern me.
So please excuse
These tears I cry.

My friend I have always said
To you that there is
Something unique about you.
I just can not fathom
The depths of a heart
That cares so deeply,
So sacrificially for others.

You have been given
The gift of compassion.
You touch my heart
So deeply today,
As you have done
So many times before.

I know beyond a doubt
You are that friend
I searched and prayed for
All these years because
God always exceeds
All we can imagine.

I think of you now
And the tears flow.
All I can do is ask
God to embrace you,
A special hug from up above,
His love to show.

I pray the angels
Keep you always safe,
As I thank Him for the GIFT
I found in you!

"There's a miracle of
Friendship that dwells within
The heart and you don't know
How it happens or where it gets
It's start but the happiness
It brings you always gives
A special lift any you realize
That friendship is God's most
Perfect Gift." ©

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