The tears flow so swiftly
Falling, shimmering down my cheeks
Nothing I can do to stop them
For it's your love
That my heart seeks

Can this pain that I feel inside
Really fade and go away
Will the sorrow turn to gladness
When I hear you say

Say how much you love me
Say how much you care
Tell me that you miss me
And that you wish
That I was there

Is it your voice that I will hear
When that phone begins to ring
Or will my joys turn to sorrow
As the waiting begins again

Should I keep on believing
That my dreams
Will all come true
And that all I have ever wanted
I have really found in you

Or will reality come a knocking
At the door that is my heart
And will these hopes
And dreams I have
Fade, before they really start

I cannot see the future
Or what part of it we'll share
I can only try to tell you
How much I really care

For you have really
Touched my heart
And made some
Dreams come true
For all that I have ever wanted
I have found in you.

"Throw your dreams
Into space like a kite,
And you do not know
What it will bring back,
A new life, a new friend,
A new love, a new country."©

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