Save my fins from catching this shore
Give no constraint where I swim or fly.
My wings to reach into seeing everything,
My body belonging to every corner
Of this world.

My spirit set free to be a part of you
You are this everything I belong to.
Set no limits and restrict no flight.
Just love and offer, I accept and breathe.

The wind carries my secrets. You're the
Dashing wind. The rain knows
What ails me. You're the possessing rain.

The meadow knows what comforts me.
You're the embracing mead. Butterfly from
The earth's sky lightbug sent
Beautifully from above my magic
Moth from aloft.

Set me free,
And be my one everything.

"Fly abundantly into the sun,
If you should return to me,
We truly were meant to be,
So spread your wings,
And Fly Butterfly."©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "... Mariah Carey ... Butterfly ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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