Please take the time to teach me
Why Eagle flying close to heaven above.
Tell me, why the world is not full of love,
Eagle with all of your wisdom to see.

Do you see many as lonely as me?
Teach me how to fulfill your dreams,
To bring the Earth,
Back to her fullest means.

Lone Wolf, out prowling
In the darkness of night,
Why, oh why, must you sound
So lonely in your howling.?
Are you lonely without a mate?

Is this also, to remain my fate?
Search, I do both far and wide,
To find, this right someone,
To be at my side,
To help me fight all of the wrongs.

To bring Mother Earth,
Back where she belongs,
To help Mother Earth,
With what she is dealt
No one thinks, about
The hurt she has felt.

The rivers to be clean,
The forests to be green,
People and animals to live
In perfect harmony.
This is the way Mother Earth
Wants it to be,

Take the time, and see
What you can do,
In some small way,
To make her dream come true.
For without Mother Earth,
We will all perish.

We all must learn to do our parts
For this Earth we all must cherish.

"Walk tall as the trees,
Live strong as the mountains,
Be gentle as the spring winds,
Keep the warmth of the summer
Sun in your heart, and the great spirit
Will always be with you."©


" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "... Yanni ...Spirit Of Nature ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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