She's In My Dreams

When I awake in the morning I think of her
She consumed my dreams, she filled my needs
She's a dark haired beauty. So sensual,
So sexy with her fingertips she draws
Erotic trails upon my body, opens up
A new world each time she touches me

Her flowing hair follows her lips as they travel
Across my flesh making this man shudder
As she teases every inch. Her eyes are on fire
As I see a passion only she knows she kisses
Me and I feel a passion only she shows

She whispers as she loves me her words are
As beautiful as her poetry
Soft and tender her body slides
Across mine so beautiful,
So very beautiful God she shines

The fires between us are burning with
The echo's of our sighs you hear the yearning
Two lovers capturing, the ecstasy of pleasure
Feeding the hunger of each other

She's in my dreams every night and each day
I think of her what an absolutely beautiful sight
A vision to behold and in my dreams
A passion only she knows.

"Love has no control neither does one's
Mine when they are in love."©

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