How do I explain
The emotions that I feel
The love from my heart
Is it too soon to be real.

What should I do
When the tears start to flow
From words that you've said
From love that you've helped to sow.

Do we both leave
And let the distance win again
Are our fears of the future
Far greater than the pain.

The pain of separation
The pain of last love
The pain of not knowing
That we are blessed from above.

For loving someone is not easy
Though love grows from the heart
Do we let those old fears
Rule us, and keep us apart.

Or should we celebrate
The blessings that we have
The blessings of friendship
The blessings of love.

Fear not the future
Nor love from the heart
Though we aren't together
We are not far apart.

So hold my heart close
And let love lead the way
Remember those dreams
Each and every day.

For all of us have dreams
Some of which will come true
But for now my darling
I send my love and thoughts to you.

-»¦«- " ..:::Only love can be divided, endlessly and still not deminish.©:::.. "-»¦«-

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