On Line Love

I sit here silently wondering
If today you will be online
Will your name light up on my screen
Or are we both on, at different times...

Then, just like magic
I see your name suddenly appear
Your right up there on my list
So far, yet still so very near...

Do I message you right now
Or do I wait a little while
Do I send a note to say "hello"
Or do I just send that funny face,
With the little smile...

Is your heart like mine, beating faster
Have you missed my presence too
Do you feel the love I send
All the time, when I think of you...

Suddenly that little yellow box
Flashes like the lights on a Christmas tree
Today it was you who sent the message first
Do you know, what that does to me...

I quickly click upon that box
To read the things you have to say
It's love you send from your heart
Asking too, if I am having a wonderful day...

I reach out to touch your words upon the screen
Wishing instead, that I could gently caress your face
Why is it that we are so very far apart
Yet our energies just seem to cross this space...

So often I just feel you right here with me
Your presence is more than just a dream
I turn around to reach out to you
To find no-one standing,
Where you should have been...

So again I turn to read those special words
Knowing that it's all we can do for now
To keep these feelings flowing
Until we can be together somehow...

So for every moment that we share
When our hearts reach out through our screens
Hold me close in your thoughts
As we hold each other close in our dreams...

Always with love

"Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."©

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