No Words of Good-bye

You have left me so suddenly
No words of good-bye were ever said
The emotions that I now feel
Are torn between my heart and my head...

Oh, how my heart aches and cries
The pain and despair is so very deep
I never thought it would hurt like this
The emotions that are making my heart weep...

How would I tell you all that I feel
When this is a pain that I find hard to describe
How do I find the words that will say
What it?s like to feel so torn up inside...

I did not realise I could feel such pain
Yet still know that I will survive
I just have to let the sorrow run free
So that one-day happiness will grow and thrive...

I will not try to stem the flow of tears
As they run swiftly down my face
Nor can I hide the sounds of my pain
For that comes from a deep internal place...

Now I must slowly turn around
And face life with you not near
I will gather my strength around me
As I wipe away the last of these tears...

I know that one-day love will come my way
And it will open up my heart again
Then the joys of love and friendship
Will have overcome this sadness and pain...

But for now I must feel it all
Knowing that I can truly handle this pain
For then I can leave this all behind
And begin to live my life again...

"Being deeply loved by someone
Gives you strength, loving someone
Deeply gives you courage"©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "... Celine Dion ... I Will Always Love You..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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