Who would have thought
You and I would meet?
In a room full of strangers
You swept me off my feet.

Words so tender and true
There on a lonely screen
Typing to a stranger
I've never even seen.

Personal information
Sharing thoughts so pure
Trusting every word
Even though unsure.

Giving of each other
In a way so strange and new
I never would have thought
That I could fall for you.

Learning something new
Each and every day
Speaking to a stranger
In a very friendly way.

Starting out as strangers
But soon the best of friends
Hoping every day
Our chats would never end.

Dreaming of how it would be
To look into your eyes
Dreaming of your smile
Just made me realize...

You were more than just some words
On a very lonely screen
You were now in my heart
More than I believed.

Time passed by so quickly
Strangers, we were no more
Holding on to each other
Not knowing what's in store.

For who could know a keyboard
Could hold so many dreams
A world of imagination
With very loving means.

So when your screen is dark
And you dream about the past
Remember it has given you
A love that will last.

A personal note :
Sometimes all we have
Are dreams,
Life deals each of us
At times a cruel hand .
We have nothing to hold
On to but our dreams,
But never lose
Those precious dreams ,
For sometimes
They do come true...

?-»¦«-? "You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love." ?-»¦«-?

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