My Vow To You

We were once strangers, then we became friends,
Through that friendship grew love, I make
My vow to you. I vow that you will never
Be lonely again, through life's tribulations.

I am your strength. I shall be there for you
When you need a friend. When you need
Someone to love and hold you, my arms
Willingly await with compassion.

For my love is unconditional, I love you
For who you are. Your past is yours,
Ours is now and forever.

Together we shall make new, memories.
Memories of a life with passion dnd desire
For each other, a life of devotion.

With this I vow to you my heart,
A heart over flowing with an undying love.
A love for now, tomorrow, forever more.

"I am found in your dreams located in your
Heart and constantly running, through
Your mind."©


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