My Special Love

You wait your entire life
For that special love.
Then it is unreachable.
Perhaps because of fear,
Perhaps because of
Or perhaps because
Of love itself.

A special love that
Leaves an emptiness within you
If you cannot hear the
Other person's voice.
But that makes you feel
Whole again with one
Gentle hello.

A special love of longing
Night after night
For just the sight of them.
Or just the feeling of knowing
That they may care too.

A love that you know
In this lifetime
You will never feel again.
Nor would ever want to feel again,
If it brings you this much pain
Not to have it.

Oh, my special love
Please come to me.
My special one please hold me
And tell me this is not all
For nothing.

That deep within your soul
Your love is the same as mine.
We belong together.
We need each other
To make our lives complete.
My only one
My treasured one
My special love.

•-»¦«-• "Nothing lasts forever, not the mountains, nor the sea, but the times we had together, they will always be with me.©'"•-»¦«-•

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