My Master

If you want a slave,
If you want to keep a slave,
You must show her your strength
As well as your compassion.

If you would beloved by her,
You must show her your love.
If you would be adored by her,
You must cherish her

If you would have her devoted to you
You must inspire her gratitude.
A slave gives you her heart
As well as her body;
She gives you her trust
As well as her submission.

Never forget that what you want
From her must be earned...
Must be mented..
Are you worthy of such
A slave as you desire?
Do you treat her with
The degree of respect
You expect from her?
There is such a fine line!

Love and devotion can turn
To anger and resentment
If trust is betrayed,
If power is abused,
If your freedom
Becomes careless.
Discipline is not for
Submissive alone!
Control of a slave
Depends on control of yourself.

Never lose sight of
Your grave responsibility
To one who gives herself over to you!
Never lapse into callousness or
Carelessness to one who
Has dropped her last barriers
For your pleasure.

To go beyond the limits
--even one step--
of what she can handle
Turns bliss into pain
And joy to grudge.
To go beyond the limits of consent
Is not the way of a true Master.
Petty tyrants can impose their will
The spineless can be intimidated
The defenseless can be brutalized
But only a true Dominant,
Worthy of the name,
Can push on her limits
Freely enjoy her pleasures,
And have a lady return,
Again and again,
In deep gratitude
For enslaving her,
Carefully treated,
She becomes truly yours
And will give you everything.

?-»¦«-? "Every breath I take for My Master, all my love is for His Heart. As I walk I'm thinking of Him. It's my honor to kneel before Him. My serve is for His eyes, every twist and turn is for Him. When I glance back to see Him, my heart jumps when He smiles. All I ask is for My Master, my heart, mind, body and soul. When His arm hold me so tight, then I know he is My Master."?-»¦«-?

A personal note to those
That pretend to be what they are not.
In this virtual world there are those
That don't really understand D/s.
They come here with the "tag" Master,
Lord, Sir, whatever they want,
Why do we here need those titles,
Do you walk down life's streets
With a sign on your back,
Proclaiming, " I am a Dom.!
Yes, I do respect those that are
Truly Doms, but the Titles have become
So meaningless here,
Anyone can claim that, Or try to....GRIN.
A true Dom. doesn't have to
Prove what he is to anyone
but his sub/slave.
She is the one that will know
What he really is,
And will reward that Dominant man
With all her treasures
Of giving to him completely.
Let the true Masters
Unite together for once
And root out the false ones
That prey on the weak and lonely.
Then and only then can we
Truly wear the title of Master
With the respect that it deserves.

?-»¦«-? "I offer You my soul .. So that it may be combined with Yours....With Two Hearts Beating Together..I Ask You now ...Will You Accept This Gift I Offer You? My Gift Of Submission?...."?-»¦«-?

Unbridled Desires

Deep within me rest a gentle spirit,
Just waiting to unleash my hidden desires.
Not even I am aware of what they are.
But with my Master's touch, he will
Bring forth my unbridled passions.
So, search deep within and you will find
A gentle spirit's burning desires.

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "... BThusaMoSh_ile ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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