When I dream of the future
I dream of you and I.
I dream of a day when,
You and I are one
And there is not a soul
Standing in our way.

I dream of your soft arms
Around me
Protecting me
From harm and pain.
I dream of long nights
Filled with tender kisses,
And love filled caresses.
I dream of the day when
We can wake up
In each other?s arms,
And start the day
With a warm tender kiss.

I dream of the day when
We aren't watching a clock,
Because we know
Our time is limited.
I dream of many things
For you and I,
And though that is all
I can do for now.

I know that you and I
Will be together. Until then,
I will continue to dream,
Because if it weren't for
My dreams of you and I,
I would have nothing
To look forward to.

Until that day my love,
Please be assured
We are together even if
It is only in a dream

"Dreams, lofty dreams
And as you dream so shall
You become, your vision is
The promise of what you shall
At last unveil."©

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