The white sheer drawn,
A gentle swaying
Moonlight night,
With rays that shower my face
Through the windowpane I stare,
Trees swaying in
The late autumn breeze,
Morosely a shadow cast
On the ground form,
A silhouette.

She came upon me
In the dusky night.
Stormed my fortress,
Smashed my buttress
Housing my misguided thoughts
Of what she was a mere beauty.

Formed in my thoughts of her
Whispered in my minds
Ears of delights to come
She deftly illuminated
My inner being
With liberating thoughts
Of awe inspiring words
Deprived of sleep
I clamored in silence.

No one heard my quieted
Scream for Succors.
Not a soul to help me
Buffer the assault.
Unsolicited ignited
My slumbering mind
Vehemently I denied it,
And was shook into believing
That reality was within my grasp
If only I accepted.

I could be more than a pawn,
I should be the maker
Simply done to have it
All become mine,
Be the one to be remembered
As deep and meaningful.
Make the difference
And alter the ends.
I turn look down
At the pen and pad
Slowly I begin the words forming
The white sheer drawn.....

"If I could wish for my life to be perfect
It would be tempting, but I would have to decline
For life would no longer teach me anything."©


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