Lovers Paradise

I dreamed I was an angel
Being held tenderly in your arms.
So very deep in love,
Feeling your loving charms.

The warmth of your sweet body,
Gave me chills up and down.
Rays from the brilliant sun
Were reflecting all around.
Don't let me wake up,
It would end this precious dream.

My dream would surely end
From the flashing light beams...
Let me stay right here
Through the still of the night.
Let the flame of our passion
Burn intensely bright.

Let our souls entwine
Together deeply as one,
All through the night
And past the rising sun.

Let me stay right here
In your arms all through the night.
Right here in my dream..
Just holding you oh so tight

My thoughts are with you tonight
Although, we are miles apart
The distance only embeds my love
For you deep within my lonely heart.

To understand this feeling,
That I cannot ask you to do.
However, please have
Compassion for me
And this love I have for you.

My sadness is for not being
Near enough to prove this is real.
Yet a feeling of happiness
For knowing that one day,
I will get to share with you
The tenderness I feel.

As I lay here my body aches
For your nearness.
I long for the sound of your
Voice and the touch
Of you skin next to mine.

Just to see your face
And to feel your warm
Embrace would take away
All that time has given.
And make this life of mine
Worth living again.

"Being with you is like
Walking on a very clear
Morning, definitely the
Sensation of belonging there."©


-»¦«- " ..:::There's something beautiful about finding one's inner most thoughts in another.©:::.. "-»¦«-

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