Love Of My Life

If I were to love but once I pray that
One love to be you for your Love is
An abundance of all it fulfills me in a way
None other has or ever could.

For you have given me happiness. You have brought
A bright shining light ff eternal brilliance
Into my life. I am in awe of
You and the wonder you are.

For you give when giving seems impossible
You bring joy to my heart when life
Has gone astray. Your love comforts me
When the world crumbles down around me
It gives me strength to awake to another day.

It is to you that I devote myself willingly
Without remorse forsaking others,'tis true
For you are the love for which
I have waited a life time
Thus, I shall spend a life time loving you.

"Love is like a violin, the music may stop
Now and then, but the strings
Remain forever."©


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