Look into those eyes

What is that look I see in your eyes
Lingering into a stare full of disguise
Piercing my heart, you see all inside
As you stare into my being I cannot hide

You know the thoughts I've buried deep
Stealing into my heart without a peep
Reading my being, reading my soul
You know my feelings, I've no control

Your look overpowers me as I fall in your eyes
Trapped in the moment, caught in the tide
What do you know. What have you seen
What is that look and where have you been

Deep in those eyes I see something in you
Something unreadable written all over you
As I wondered within, you were reading my thoughts
You knew I was curious and you knew what I sought
Suddenly, as I gazed I could now see all within
I could read your every thought observe your every whim

I saw within you now a sweetness in your eyes
I now know all your feelings, I see all you hold inside
That look was overpowering there was nothing I could do
To run from it, to look away but it was worse for you

As I looked into your face, and as I fell
Into your eyes, I realized in that moment
You were already lost in mine.

"With an eye made quite, by the power
Of harmony and the deep power of joy,
We see into the life of things."©

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