Let Me Love You More

You have been on my mind
Like a constant never-ending song.
I wonder what you're thinking
And I can't help but hope
That any thought you ponder
Just might happen to be
Something from the heart
That makes you think of me...

Let me be the one
That you're thinking of.
Let me be the heaven
That you seek from above.
Let me be the light
That brightens up your day.
Let me be the sweetness
That your tongue craves.

Let me be the warmth
You seek when its cold.
Let me be your courage
When you need to be bold.
Let me be the smile
That lights up your face.
Let me be the one
To fill the empty space.

Let me be the twinkle
That's seen in your eye.
Let me be the shoulder
Should you ever need to cry.
Let me be the spark
That sets your soul on fire.
Let me be the one
To fill you with desire.

Let me be the person
That makes you feel free.
Let me be the song
That makes your heart sing.
Let me be the love
That has you affected.
Let me be the bond
That keeps us connected.

Let me be the freedom
That makes your spirit soar.
Let me be enough
When you want more.
Let me be the friend
That's always there for you,
And let me be this love
That feels so true.

I've loved you all my life
Even before we met
Even when it was just the promise
Of you. You've kept your promise
How could you lose me.©

•-»¦«-•..:::"There's something beautiful about finding ones inner most thoughts in another. Darling thank you for the first 12 months, with more to come..Am in love with a wonderful person, loves you so much.©":::..•-»¦«-•

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