~If Tomorrow Never Comes~

What do I do
If tomorrow never comes
What will become of
Those dreams we made
Will I wish there were
Things I had told you
For I know that over time,
The memories will fade.

I try to live each day
With you in my heart
I try to tell you all the things
I want you to know
For we don't know
What tomorrow will bring for us
Or if we will even have
These moments to show.

Show each other the love
We have in our hearts
Show each other the joys
And also the pain
For true love is about
Experiencing it all together
Like sharing moments in the sun,
The snow and the rain.

We never know what
Tomorrow may bring
So let us vow not to
Let a day go by
Without telling each other
"I love you"
Never asking for reasons,
Never wondering why.

I will not let you walk
Out that door alone
Without our love nestled
Safely in your heart
Let the words
"I love you babe"
Be the words that are spoken,
Each time that we part.

For we do not know
What tomorrow will bring
When each good-bye
Might be our last
Let the memories of the love
We share each day
Be our now,
Our future and our past.

I love you

"There is one man who has the power
And strength to love me
As he knows a woman
Wants and needs to be loved.
Look in my eyes and see
All that you seek is inside
Of you and in front of you."©

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