Hold Me Close in Your Arms

What is this feeling I have inside of me
When I think of you being so far away
It's a lonely ache that seems to fill my heart
Each moment of every long and lonely day...

Never does an hour go by,
My love when I don't think of you
And all the things you do
I sometimes just have to sit quietly
And wonder do you feel the loneliness
And also miss me too...

I wish that you could wrap your strong arms
Around me and take away this lonely aching pain
I wish that you could hold me close
And comfort me, knowing that love
Brought me home to be with you again...

For home is there with you my love
Inside the comfort of your warm embrace
Where I feel the strength of your love
And feel your heart beating gently
Against my face...

I will wrap my arms around you
Also showing you such love and tenderness
I will return the strength of your embrace
Though my lips will be aching
For your gentle kiss...

Dare I tell you the dreams
I have had of you
Where I have imagined
The smell of your cologne
Where I have felt your body
Beneath my hands
Where I have tasted your skin
With my tongue...

For where my hands wander
In passion my mouth will slowly follow too
For I want to taste all the wonders
That makes up the person that is you...

I have dreamt of you
Touching me so gently
As you run your fingers through my hair
I've felt your lips touching mine
With passion, with promises
Of fulfillment beyond compare...

Now I must let these thoughts and dreams
Sit quietly deep within my heart
Until the time when we can be together
Then time and distance will no longer
Keep us apart...

"Ama me fideliter! Fidem meam noto:
De corde totaliter Et ex mente tota,
Sum presentialiter Absens in remota."Lat:
"Love me faithfully! See how I am faithful:
With all my heart; And all my soul
I am with you; Though I am far away."©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "...Brian McKnight ... Never Felt This Way ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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