Heart Of Innocence

We became best friends at first sight
We spoke for hours every night
We used to laugh and joke around
Because of this I have found

We have much in common you and I
We never fight, and never lie
Your with another this is true
In spite of this I love you

You spoke to me more and more
Everyone else we would ignore
You love your other, this I see
But now you fell in love with me

We couldn't help how we felt
One look from you would make me melt
My true feelings I did not show
But in my heart I just know

I'd make you happy every day
If only there were just one way
For you to let the other go
So our love could freely grow

We spoke about this day and night
For you to choose who felt right
Many days and nights had passed
The time to choose had come at last

You didn't want to lose a friend
Which could have happen in the end
You chose your other and began to cry
All I wanted was to die

I understand the choice you made
But what we have shall never fade
I loved you then, and still I do
And in your heart I hoped you knew

Your friendship means a lot to me
I hope our love is meant to be
When we meet I'll tell you this
We will know with just one kiss

If our love is not to be
I hope you wont be mad at me
You started out as a friend
You always will be till the end

"I need you, I don't know why,
But every now and then in my life.
For no reason at all, I need you."©

John Tesh ... "In your Eyes"

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