I Have A Dream

I have a dream within my heart.
Of how things ought to be.
Of someone who is caring and wants
The same things in life as me.

Someone who loves to cuddle
Who's kisses set my soul on fire
Someone who's soft and gentle touch.
Fill me with desire. Someone to be
On within.. body, mind.. and soul.

Someone that when we come together,
We two, become one whole.
When making love.. There are no
Boundaries. All is pure and sweet.

The fragrance of making love.
Is desirable and sweet. Not just once,
Not just twice, but oh, the whole
Night through. Entering into that holy place.

Moist from love's sweet dew.
Drinking from love's fountain.
That flows from within the two.
All is pure when making love,
I know this can be true.

So, I have a dream within my heart,
Of how love ought to be.
And I know that somewhere,
Waiting.. Is the one..
Who thinks and feels the same..
As Me.

"First impressions are everything,
It's scary to think that you could
Just miss the person you were meant
To love for the rest of your life.©"

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "... Brandy and Chloe Broe ...If I Should Lose My Way ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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