During a visit to America,
Australian Sandy meets Danny Zuko
At the beach and falls in love.
She is heartbroken when Summer ends
And she has to return home
And their last kiss on the beach
Is a very emotional one.
But fate lends a hand
Her parents decide to stay
In America and she finds herself
Attending the same school as Danny.
But Danny at school is different
From Danny at the beach.
He is the leader of the T-Birds,
A leather clad gang,
And has a reputation to keep up.
He can't be seen to fall in love
With just one chick!
Sandy is upset and seeks solace
With some new friends she has made -
A female gang called The Pink Ladies.
But her prim and proper virginal ways
Do not fit in and she soon
Finds herself almost alone.
A change must be made.
Does she attempt to get her man
By turning him into a jock?
Or must she get rid of her "Sandra Dee" image?


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