From An Angel

There is an angel in my pocket.
So very tiny, that she is smaller
Than my thumb. She has been in
My pocket now for well over
12 months. Mmmmmm it's fun to have
Her there, I feel her wiggle,
Feel her smile, but I cannot see her.
She is so tiny to detect.

I know she is there all the time.
Funny how she knows which shirt I am
Going to wear. You know before
She was and Angel, she was
A butterfly in a rose.

God handpicked her, and gave her
These special powers. You see
He trains them, to become His eyes,
Ears, and hands. To become His
Special tools, because God is to busy
With too much to do.

This is why He tucked her in your Pocket,
To bless you with my Angel care.
He told me never to leave you.
To always be there. To help you
Feel Love and my Angel care.

So please be careful when you place
Something in your pocket, as you just may
Hear and Ouch!! Or feel a Wiggle.
As your Angel moves to give you care.
To a very special Angel.

"Treasure the love you receive above all.
It will survive long after your good
Health has vanished" ©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "...Vince Gill and Trisha Yearwood ... Another Angel gets It's Wings ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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