At night I lay alone in my bed
Wishing you were here
Longing for the touch of you
For your strong arms to hold me near...

To feel that special love we share
The one that keeps me warm at night
The one that sometimes feels so wrong
But I know deep down, is so very right...

Why can't we always agree on little things
That always seem to come to mind
Things that leave me wondering
If we will ever truly find...

Find that special friendship
That lovers seem to share
Is our love really strong enough
To go where others never dare...

Can we overcome and conquer
All the things that fate has thrown our way
Like time and distance and loneliness
Can we survive each day to say...

I love you so much that it hurts
The ache so deep inside
Sometimes I must ask myself
Will this heart of mine survive...

Survive the pain of distance
Knowing that I Love You so
Has fate put this distance between us
So we can always be sure we know...

Know that our love can be forever
If it is truly meant to be
And if we keep faith and love between us
There can be a future for you and me...

A future based on friendship
A future based not on just love
A future for our families
A future blessed from above...

So take the time to wonder
At the miracle that has occurred
For we were brought together
Our prayers have been heard...

The prayers for that special one
To love us for whom we are
To love us unconditionally
Though our love comes from afar...

So hold my heart close to you
Know that it's love is so sweet and true
And I thank God every night
For that special love that is YOU...

"Love is ONLY wonderful
If the person that you
Are in love with,
Loves you just as much." ©

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