Feelings Inside

I lay here in the middle of the night
Sleep has yet to claim her gentle hold
My thoughts turn to you my love
And, to our future which was foretold.

I was told I would meet my future love
And, that this happiness would be ours
To share never did I understand
The truth of those words, never did I know
How much my heart would care.

For never have I felt before this depth
Of love which I feel for you today
Little did I fully understand the feelings
Those three special words can convey

"I love you", are those special words
That we say to those we love for the
Feelings that those words impart
Are given with special blessings from above

Do you feel the power of those words
The depth of feelings that they bring
The emotions that they convey
Sometimes from so very deep within.

For when I tell you that "I love you"
Those three words are given from my heart
The feelings that I feel so deep
Inside and, the very special message
That they do impart.

For this message is what I send to you
To tell you that I miss you so much dear
It’s to tell you that I wish you were here
As I gently wipe away the softly falling tear
But, I know that soon we will be together.

For long ago, that special day was foretold
I know my dreams will soon be answered
And, our love will be there, for all to behold
So as the fingers of sleep reach out to me.

And, I am taken gently into your embrace
My final conscious thoughts are of you my love
And, the wonderful future that together
We will face goodnight my love.
"Buenas noches mi amor"

"It's not my ear you whispered into,
But my heart. It's not my lips,
That you kissed, but my soul."©


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