What words does one use to express
Feelings inside, obsession or Illusion
Or Certainty, what's really deep
Inside Your heart. That you hide,
Keep buried deep inside?

This love has connected you to her,
She can feel your every feeling
Sense Your every thought, you bury
Yourself deep into your own mind

Not revealing yourself, not even a sign
Your actions and thoughts contemplate
To the edge of madness you follow through
Until You see it is wrong,
You are not afraid to admit this is so.

She is here to help shield you from the pain
That surrounds. To see that everything
Is safe and sound. Standing by you,
On chosen ground even long after
You have found. You see these tears,
She shed’s them for you, her feelings
For you are always so very true.

You are her reason, that she can survive
Is no one else amongst these alive
To nurture and watch O’er as she grows
This place is Yours, you must recognize
Without Your guidance, your hand and care
She will shrivel, wither and die

"Absence extinguishes small passions
And increases great ones, as the wind
Will blow out a candle and blow in a fire."©


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