Faith and Patience

Do not be impatient
Or try to make things move too fast
For the future is in front of us
Behind us is the past.

As each new day closes
And night time rules the sky
We should bring our thoughts together
Thought we may sometimes
Be left to wonder why.

Wonder why the dreams we have
Today did not come true
Wonder why the special
Wishes we made
Were not answered for me and you.

Will our love keep on growing
As each new day passes by
Or will time and distance
Finally win
Leaving us to abandon it,
So it may die.

I believe we are both strong enough
To see each day through
Knowing as each day passes
It brings me so much closer to you.

So let us now be patient
Letting our love be our guide
Let it keep us strong and true
For soon I will be by your side.

Then nothing will separate us
For our hearts will be as one
From the opening of the night
To the rising of the sun.

The those hopes and dreams we've made
Will be forever sure and true
Because the love and faith we have
Has finally brought me home to you.

"Separated by distance
Never by heart
Miles between us
Yet never apart."©

-»¦«- " ..:::I am found in your dreams, located in your heart and constantly running through your mind:::.. "-»¦«-

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