How can you love someone
You have never seen
With a feeling so passionate
That it makes your heart
Skip a beat at the sound of his voice?

How can you feel his hands on you
When he has never touched you?
How can you feel his lips kiss yours
When he has never whispered
Your name in the night?

A love with such passion
That life could have never
Known it in your wildest dreams.
Or if it could ever be possible
Would you turn it away in fear
That it could not be real
For you have never known such a love?

For this love I would take
The chance of heartbreak.
For I have known a lifetime
Of heartbreak
And heartbreak in itself is of
A temporary nature if we allow
It to be.

But to know just one moment
In my life with such passion
Such Feeling, such want
Such need
I would give myself entirely
Without regret, without sorrow
Without remorse to you
Your wants, your needs
Your love, your Life
To deny such a love
Would be the most fatal of mistakes.
To deny myself your love
Would be an injustice within
Itself to the name of love.

To have a love based on a
Spiritual not physical beginning
Could only result in the most
Special of loves

The love you wait a lifetime for
And a love so strong that Heaven
Nor earth could stop it from being

A love for you and I.
A love for eternity.

"It's not my ear you whispered into,
But my heart.
It's not my lips that you kissed,
But my soul."©

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