Dreaming Of You

Iíve never seen you face to face
But I swear youíve held my hand,
A thousand times. Youíre always there
To help me through and yet Iíve never
Looked you in the eye. Youíre the best listener
Iíve ever known you seem to know
How to make everything clear.Iíd forgotten
For a while what I wanted from life
But five minutes of talking to you
And my dreams were restored
You make me feel the importance of
My independence so many others have
Made me forget it's so unfair that we are trapped.

Doomed to live our lives miles apart
I want to feel you next to me so much
To breathe a breath you just let out
Iím alone until I sleep, I see you
In my dreams, in that world youíre only steps
Away with your arms open to me
Youíre always right there waiting for me
I can touch you anytime, and feel your heart beating
Although Iíve never been in your loving presence
I miss you more than I can express
I know if itís meant to be somehow weíll be together
But itís hard to have faith ln something
That seems impossible. Iíll keep hoping,
And Iíll keep waiting, Iíll keep crying,
Iíll keep loving, Iíll keep missing
Iíll pray for the moment that you kiss me "hello"
But until then Iíll keep dreaming.

"The grand essentials to happiness in this life
Are something to do, something to love
And something to hope for."©

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