Two hands that touch
Reaching out across time
Two hearts that feel gentleness
That is love,
Like yours and mine
We know not where we go from here
Or if we will ever meet, face to face
But today my heart reaches out to yours
And brings you love from across this space.

We share some special times on here
And my thoughts turn to you each day
I wonder if my love reaches out to you
As I think of you being so far away
Love comes in many forms
Love as lovers and as friends
No guarantees can be given
From when it starts, or when it ends.

I knew you?d come into my life
Fate showed me in a dream
I felt your lips touch mine that night
So gently it did seem
I woke up not knowing
Where or when we would meet
Were you a figment of my imagination
Would you only come to me in my sleep

But I have met you in my heart
Though we have not met, face to face
But still you reached out to me
Our hearts have met in that special place
The special place where friendship starts
And grows from day to day
I welcome you here into my heart
And I pray it?s where you will always stay.

For we do not know what time we have
Will it last one day or maybe two
Or will fate be kind to us
And let me share my life with you.

To the man in my DREAM...
From my heart to yours

"Destiny is not a matter of chance,
It is a matter of choice:
It is not a thing to be waited for:
It is a thing to be achieved."©

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