Dancing of the Moonbeams

The dancing of the moonbeams
Is played out across the darkening sky
For the day is quickly dimming
As the sun slips below the starlit sky

I look with wonder at the sight
Of the day giving way to dusk
Of the moon starting its evening glow
As with the closing of the day, it surely must

Even on a stormy night
The moon sends out its warming glow
As the sun dips below from sight
And the starlit sky starts to show

The colours from the fading sun
Are played out upon the clouds all around
The splendor of the sight they show
Makes their beauty so profound

They warm the hearts of those that look
Upon the closing of the day
To see the darkness of the night
Send the daylight on its way

For the moon gives out that special glow
For lovers all around the world to see
It?s the dancing of those moonbeams
That I wish for you to share, with me.

"Everywhere I go,
Every smile I see,
I know you are there
Smiling back at me.
Dancing in moonlight,
I know you are free
'cause I can see your star
Shining down on me." ©

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