Dance With Me

Dance with me
Hold me tight
Feeling the music
Come alive inside
As we get closer
With each beat of the heat
Sounds that take our minds over.

Starring into each other's eyes
You whisk me across the floor
Beats of the music
Bring us closer
Teasing us to the lips of time
Tempos arising higher and higher
As our bodies become as one.

Giving us the power
To make it thrive
Releasing our inter sensations
As we glide across
The stage of our creation.

Showing the beauty
From deep within
Harmonies flowing
Through our blood
Delivering passion
Of undying love.

Overwhelming taking total control
Sounds of pulsating melodies
Flowing waves
Giving tingling effects
To each of our minds,
Bodies and spirits
Releasing the mortal
From our souls.

Blending togetherness
Awaking the lost anticipation
To the dream state of reality
Feeling as one,
Two combined
Forever mixed lost in time
Just to find this chance
This one sweet,
Enchanted dance
Dance with me.

"Where words fail, music speaks.
Music is well said
To be the speech of angels.
Music is the divine way
To tell beautiful,
Poetic things to the heart.
Music is the space between the notes.
Music is the soul of language.
"If you want to make beautiful music,
You must play the black
And the white notes together." ©


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