My Wish this Christmas

They say that
Three wishes is the norm,
For me I only ask
Of one wish this Christmas.
To be granted
The gift of giving,
To you a Bag.

This bag,
Which I made especially for you,
Albeit empty,
Is filled with hope,
And desire.
I now offer it to you,
So you can fill it,
And return it.
I hope that you will take
This bag and overfill it.

Drop into it all your worries,
All your concerns.
Give to it all your troubled
Thoughts and heartaches.
Fill it with all the pain
And anguish you may have.
Pour into it all your
Financial worries in your head
Shed your anger,
Your hostilities,
And your wrath.

Transfer to it
All of your melancholy moods,
Hand down to it
Any envy that you may have.
Let into it any animosity
That has assaulted you.
Rid your soul of any
Recriminations that may linger
Give it any grudges and
Resentments you may harbor.

Once satiated take from
The overflowing river
Oh Hopes and desires
That I bestowed the Bag with
Al the joy, and good cheer
You crave and deserve.

Capture the peace
And tranquility extended.
Relish the fact that you
Are loved and thought of dearly.
Merry Christmas to you,
And all yours my friend.

"Where there is great love,
There are always wishes."





• Rositanitani •

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