Like A Candle In The Wind

Our time together is so very precious,
But it is like a candle in the wind.
As although it lights up our hearts
With brilliant love, we can't be certain
What the future for us will bring.

Mostly the candle flame
Will stand tall and strong,
As the wonderful love
That we share burns brightly.
But there will always be times
When our hearts are saddened,
And the flame will briefly flicker,
Ever so slightly.

But two hearts so much in love
Can overcome anything,
And once again the candle flame
Will burn high.
No flickers can ever be enough
To put out the flame,
As we continue dreaming of our future,
Reaching for the sky.

What the future will bring
To us and our love?
Even with our dreams,
Neither you or I really know.
Will the wind blow
The candle flame towards us,
And fulfill our dreams,
Or will it be away from us
That the wind does blow?

No matter which direction
The wind blows,
The candle flame will always burn
For our love.
The flame can never be extinguished;
The love in our hearts will love on,
As despite the wind,
The flame will always be burning above.

"True love never dies,
But lives on in our hearts forever."©

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