Cherished Friends

When I say to you that I'm your friend,
That's exactly what I am....
No mere acquaintance, or unknown passer by,
But a friend for life, forever friend
Until you die...

And even after that you'll be kept alive,
In all my memories remembering the times
We shared. How much we truly loved,
And cared. Memories to keep
Me warm inside, to heal my heartache.

Dry my eyes, all the laughter,
Shared tears too, how safe I felt
to share with you, but we have much
Living still ahead. We'll share the thoughts
Within our heads. We'll share our stories
Share our past, build a special friendship
Sure to last through the tough days.

Count on me, I'll be the best friend
There could be. I'll hold your hand,
I'll dry your tears, soothe your anger,
Calm your fears. We'll share the bad,
And share the good, and make our lives
The best we could.

We'll search for joys with each new day,
Share miracles we met along the way.
Living, loving, laughing, playing,
Hopes, dreams, and lots of praying.

Learning who we really are, by listening
To our souls, encouraging one another,
Making sure we reach our goals.
Unexpected phone calls for no reason
At all, just to hear a friendly voice ,
And know we're not alone. Talking at
The speed of light, so many things to say,
All the funny happenings that met us
Every day. Sharing all our problems.

Sharing all our dreams, discovering what
Our purpose is in the bigger scheme of things.
Learning what fulfills us, what passions
Live inside, what we truly have to do
To fully feel alive. Opening our secrets,
Ones we didn't know we owned.

A journey, an adventure walked together Not alone. Opening doors we never knew
Were even closed before, doing it together,
Because "That's what best friends are for"....

Nine Gifts That Do Not Cost A Cent

1.. The Gift Of Listening...
But you must really listen no interrupting
No daydreaming, no planning
Your response. Just listening.

2..The Gift Of Affection...
Be generous with appropriate hugs,
Kisses, pats on the back and
hand holds. Let these small
Actions demonstrate the love
You have for family and friends.

3..The Gift Of Laughter...
Clip cartoons, share articles
And funny stories. Your gift will say,
"I love to laugh with you"

4.. The Gift Of A Written Note...
It can be simple "Thanks for the help"
Note or a full sonnet. A brief handwritten
Note may be remembered for a
Lifetime, and may even change a life.

5.. The Gift Of A Compliment...
A simple and sincere, "You look great in red,"
"You did a super job." Or
"That was a wonderful meal"
Can make someone's day.

6.. The Gift Of A Favor...
Every day, go out of your way
To do something kind.

7.. The Gift Of Solitude...
There are times when we want
Nothing better than to be left alone.
Be sensitive to those times and give
The gift of solitude to others.

8.. The Gift Of A Cheerful Disposition....
The easiest way to feel good is to
Extend a kind word to someone,
Really, it's not that hard to say,
"Hello" or "Thank You".

9..The Gift Of Acceptance...
Everyone does the best they can
With what they have to work with
Be it their head or their heart.

"Friends are a rare jewel indeed.
They make you smile and encourage you
To succeed. They lend an ear, they share
A word of praise, and they always want
To open their hearts to us.
Show your friends how much you care."©


"I love You by Sarah McLachlan"
This page was made for a few special friends
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