By Chance

We met by chance some time ago
Though we did not talk every day
But still my thoughts would turn to you
And I sent you love across the way

I think I had been searching for that very
Special man, to share my love. Searching for
That someone who would cherish
The love, which I have to give

Are you that special someone
Do you feel me, deep within your heart
Has my love reached out to caress you
Even though the miles keep us apart

I wonder if these emotions that I feel
Cross the miles, to where you are
Do you feel the tremors from within
My heart. Do you really know
How much I care

Your words and feelings reach out
To me across time and oceans wide
They reach out to gather me,
So close and caress my heart,
From deep inside

When you feel a very gentle touch
Like a whisper upon your heart
Know that it’s a kiss from me to you
So that we don’t seem so far apart

I look forward to those times we share
I wonder if I too, am in your thoughts
Has love made my presence felt
Even at those times when we
Are unable to talk

For now I will just bide my time
Trying to learn patience along the way
Knowing that you are already in
My heart and the feelings grow deeper,
With every passing day. You have touched
My heart with beauty, and left wonderful
Feelings within. Thank you.

"First impressions are everything,
It's scary to think That you
Could just miss the person you were
Meant to love for the rest of your life."©

" "¯*:·¦·:*¯ "...Jim Brickman ... Destiny ..."¯*:·¦·:*¯

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